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Friedrich N ietz●sche d isquieted himself ne ed■lessly

d listened: hi●s attentive ear caught the resonance ■of a harmony which was soon m●uffled up in the noise of footstep■s. A servant opened the door and N

ietzsche■ sent in his card; then he was left to hear ■once more the same harmony, dolorous, obstina■te, many times repeated. The in■visible master ceased for a moment, b●ut almost at once was busy again w■ith his experiments, raising the strain

, modu■lating it, until, by modulati●ng once more, he had brought b●ack the initial harmony. The servant retur■ned. Herr Wagner wished to know if the visitor w■as the same Herr Nietzsche whom he■ had met one evening at Leipsic.[Pg 72] "Yes●," said

the young man. "Then would Herr N●ietzsche be good enough to c

ome back at■ luncheon time?" But Nietzsche's fri●ends were awaiting him, and he had to excuse hi■mself. The servant disappeared again, to re●turn with another message. "W●ould Her

r Nietzsche spend the Monday of● Pentecost at Triebschen?" This invitation he wa●s able to accept and did accept. Nietzsch■e came to know Wagner at one of the fi●nest moments of